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2.2 Benefits of Accreditation
            2. introduction
                                                                Accreditation by ASIC will help to raise the profile
                                                                of institutions both within their own countries and
                                                                worldwide as it confirms that they conform to
           2.1 About ASIC                                       internationally accepted standards in education.

          ASIC is the trading name for ASIC UK Ltd (Companies   Accreditation with ASIC is not a one-time process. ASIC
          House Registration number 6040297) which has been     believes in developing partnerships with its accredited
          established as a not-for-profit company. ASIC provides   institutions and will assist in activities such as on-going
          a wide spectrum of accreditation services to schools,   quality assurance, ethical recruitment, working with
          colleges, training organisations and universities within the   agents, and the drafting of policies, procedures and
          UK and overseas. ASIC is a member of the British Quality   codes of practice.
          Foundation and is a member of the CHEA International   On-going development with accredited institutions will
          Quality Group in the USA. ASIC is also an approved    also incorporate training programmes on topics such as
          accrediting body for the purposes of compliance with   the use of high quality and ethical recruitment methods,
          regulations of the UK Home Office relating to the
          admission of students holding Short Term Study Visas   monitoring the work of agents, the implementation of
          and Standard Visitor Visas.                           admission systems, the drafting and implementation of
                                                                ethics policies and the creation of staff and student files.
          Drawing on nearly three decades of international
          education experience, ASIC has a unique insight into the
          global education market.                              ASIC is dedicated to the continual improvement of its
                                                                member institutions; to this end, as part of the annual
          The international student migration market is growing,   fee, the following will be provided:
          but so too is the number of educational institutions   • Assistance with internationalisation plans through
          seeking to recruit these international students. ASIC,   networking with bodies such as UKNARIC, WEBA
          therefore fully recognises the pressing need for a robust   and other relevant organisations, and in developing
          and transparent approach to ensuring that colleges,    academic partnerships world-wide,
          to the best of their ability, only recruit genuine and   • Assistance with preparation for local government
          appropriately qualified students and that they provide the   inspections,
          best possible student experience, allowing students to   • Access to accredited recruitment agents in over 60
          achieve their maximum academic potential whilst having   countries, through a reduced fee for membership
          their social and pastoral needs fully addressed.       of QISAN,
          ASIC has also gained many recognitions, memberships   • Access to marketing activities via ASIC, which include,
          and affiliations in acknowledgement of our commitment   exhibition attendance, printed and web- based
          to quality in education.                               newsletters and publicity in numerous overseas
          • Recognised by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) in the  • Access to WEBA exhibitions and agent workshops with
           UK for the Short Term Study and Standard Visitor Visa  a 30% discount,
                                                                • Certificate of Accreditation, artwork of ASIC logo for
          • Gained ISO 9001:2008 Accredited Certification        use on business cards, letterheads, publicity materials,
                                                                 website, Facebook and Twitter,
          • Member of the CHEA International Quality Group in the  • Updated on-line information on all aspects of
           USA                                                   Accreditation,
          • Member of the British Quality Foundation            • Advice on agent contracts with sample agreements,
                                                                 code of ethics for agents and student satisfaction
          • Affiliate Member of ENQA, European Association for   surveys,
           Quality Assurance in Higher Education
                                                                • Guidance on the drafting of policies and procedures for
          • Member of GUIDE Association, Global Universities in  quality assurance, including internal auditing systems
           Distance Education                                    course review, classroom observation, staff appraisal
                                                                 and development, and student assessment,
          • Member of UN Academy Impact group
                                                                • A regular ASIC newsletter providing updates on
          • Member of The Association of International Education  international education developments (institutions are
           Administrators (AIEA)                                 invited to submit articles and queries to the newsletter)
                                                                 and regular updates on social media
          ** Throughout this Handbook, the term “institution”
          has been used to include all relevant educational     • Access to ASIC Surgeries – the opportunity to visit our
          institutions, whatever their name, and “Principal” has   office for advice and guidance
          been used for the Head of the Institution.            • Visits by ASIC, during which we will provide advice,
                                                                 guidance and consultancy services
                                                                • Achieving accreditation may enhance your prospects
                                                                 for the world university rankings

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