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6.2 Procedure
            6. Complaints
                                                                On receipt of a complaint, the complainant will be
                                                                contacted by letter from the CRM to request that:
                                                                • the complaint should be set out in a signed and dated
                                                                 hard copy letter sent to the CRM together with any
           6.1 Introduction                                      relevant documentation,

          ASIC will consider any genuine and relevant complaints   • the complainant confirms that he/she has exhausted
          against institutions, which are accredited by ASIC and   the institution’s own complaints procedures without
          where the complainant has exhausted the institution’s   being able to resolve the issue(s) to their satisfaction,
          own complaints procedures.                             or that these are not relevant, and that the complainant
                                                                 authorises ASIC to attempt to resolve the complaint
          For a complaint to be considered to be genuine, it must   as described here (the procedure is copied to the
          be submitted in writing to the ASIC Customer Relations   complainant for reference).
          Manager (CRM) explaining the basis of the complaint,
          clearly identify the complainant and be related to
          the institution’s alleged failure to comply with the   ASIC then deals with complaints as follows:
          accreditation criteria. Other complaints will normally not   • each complaint is logged by staff and its receipt is
          be considered by ASIC.                                 acknowledged,

          ASIC takes complaints seriously and will make every   • the documents submitted are checked and if further
          effort to mediate and recommend solutions that are     documents are required the complainant will be
          mutually satisfactory for both the parties involved. ASIC,   contacted to ask for them,
          however, also encourages students to look carefully   • the institution’s Principal is then contacted and asked to
          at the institution’s refund and complaints procedures   investigate the complaint and provide details within 10
          before signing an acceptance for the offer of a place   working days. The Principal will be reminded that he/
          on a course to avoid any future misunderstandings.     she has undertaken, as a condition of accreditation, to
          Similarly, staff should consider carefully the institution`s   cooperate in the resolution of complaints made against
          complaints procedures and contract of employment       the institution. The letter will also contain details of
          before accepting the offer of a post.
                                                                 the complaint(s) and proposals as to how it (they) may
                                                                 be resolved, initially by correspondence, followed by a
                                                                 meeting if necessary; the Principal’s response will be
                                                                 checked to ensure that the institution has followed its
                                                                 accreditation commitments,
                                                                • ASIC will inform the complainant of the outcome and
                                                                 any recommendation that would have been made to
                                                                 the institution.
                                                                The Complainant is required to provide the following

                                                                • a written complaint giving full details of the nature of
                                                                 the complaint and evidence to support it such as the
                                                                 institution’s response to their complaint or proof that a
                                                                 complaint was made to the institution
                                                                • receipts of payments to the institution if appropriate
                                                                 (please note bank statements will not be accepted),
                                                                • any other documents/evidence to support the complaint,
                                                                ASIC may also ask the complainant for additional
                                                                documents to help further investigate the complaint if
                                                                necessary - full details will be provided.
                                                                The complainant and institution’s Principal will be
                                                                informed of the outcome of the complaint, or that a
                                                                more detailed investigation is required and an Inspector
                                                                will be appointed to undertake an unannounced visit to
                                                                assess the basis of the complaint more thoroughly.
                                                                In appropriate cases UKVI will be informed of the receipt
                                                                of a genuine complaint and the outcome of ASIC’s
                                                                attempts to resolve it.

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