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Worldwide migration of international students is now at an unprecedented level. 

No longer is it the domain of countries such as UK, Australia, USA, Canada and 

New Zealand. Students are now looking at study options in Malaysia, Singapore, 

China, Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Cyprus and most of the EU countries.

This is giving students a wider choice in relation to a range Given our experience, we are well aware of:
of subjects, entrance criteria, cost, types of institution and 
• The existence of institutions, which appeared to focus 
cultural experience.
largely on recruiting young people into the country 
The market is growing, but so is the number of educational as potential students, but whose main aim was to 
become an illegal economic immigrant.
institutions seeking to recruit these students.

Unfortunately, the unethical behaviour of some • Institutions which, although genuine educational 
international colleges and universities is causing major institutions, provided their students with a poor 
experience, sometimes placing them on 
problems for students, parents and sponsors.
inappropriate programmes.
It is very diicult for students to get a realistic and honest 
• Quite reputable colleges, and indeed some universities, 
picture of what an institution is really like in terms of quality, which were not well prepared to cater for all of the 
resources, student support and ethics.
needs of international students.

ASIC brings independent information to the student ASIC inspections include an examination of the 
population through its accreditation service with well content and standard of the curriculum as well

deined and objective the quality of its delivery to learners.
We also pay close attention to the consistency and 
Accreditation through ASIC will help students and parents 
make a more informed choice and will also help an reliability of assessment. However, it should be 
noted that ASIC neither confers nor validates 
institution demonstrate to the marketplace that they are degree-awarding powers. Applicants for distance 
a high quality institution.
education programmes should always satisfy 
themselves that the level of recognition of a 
Following widespread and increasing concern over the 
behaviour of some international independent and private relevant award is suicient to meet their needs.

institutions, governments have identiied the need for a Ongoing development with the accredited institution 
more rigorous system for accrediting education institutions will incorporate such topics as continual quality improvement, 

involved in recruiting overseas students.strategic management, self evaluation, internal quality audit 
systems, appointment, training and monitoring the work of 

agents, establishing a students ‘intent to study’, 
high-quality and ethical recruitment methods, development 

of admission systems and assistance in the development of 
codes of practice and ethics policies.

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